Monday, December 5, 2011


Hello again, Im back to bring you my newest edition to my Youtube channel TMI. I started this segment to explore and help other people who share the same concerns when it comes to finding products and solutions for life's at times embarrassing questions. With my first episode I decided to go with the topic of STRETCH MARKS. They are such a pain and are so easy to get weather from pregnancy, fluctuation in weight or even just growing up that its rare for us to not have them before the age of 20.

 Up until last year I struggled with the same problem. I had very visible marks along the sides of my waist and I was not happy about it! I was always worried about my shirt riding up over my jeans and exposing my dark marks, so I started seeking solutions. I didn't want to try anything to drastic like laser treatments or harsh fading creams, with that in mind I explored different lotions, oils and exfoliates and TADA heres what I came up with!!!

A couple of reminders! Drink lots of water, DO NOT scratch when you feel your skin getting tight and itchy and last but not least stay moisturized. I hope this information helps you and if you have any other TMI type questions you want answers to let me know! Keep me updated with your progress. What products and worked, what didn't or even if you chose different products all together.
Best of luck to all of you<3

P.s Happy December!!