Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pretty Peplums!

Recently I have found myself completely obsessed with Peplum style dresses and skirts. They are literally like magic for any body type. If you happen to be a curvy babe (like me) you will find that depending on the cut and style you pick can cover up any "problem" area you may have while highlighting your favored features. If you are petite and really want that hour glass shape you can find a design with voluminous ruffles in all the right places! all in all ladies this camouflages and accentuates all at the same time! sign me up!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gone Fishing...

This past weekend my boyfriend talked me into going on a one day fishing trip with him and a few family members. I cant say that I wasn't reluctant because honestly fishing isn't really my thing but I agreed and to my surprise I had a great time! We headed out to Lake Prado with the family and spent the entire day out in the sun tanning drinking and "fishing". We did catch a thing but we went and tried and that all that matters lol! Heres a few Pictures! Have a great week<3

Monday, December 5, 2011


Hello again, Im back to bring you my newest edition to my Youtube channel TMI. I started this segment to explore and help other people who share the same concerns when it comes to finding products and solutions for life's at times embarrassing questions. With my first episode I decided to go with the topic of STRETCH MARKS. They are such a pain and are so easy to get weather from pregnancy, fluctuation in weight or even just growing up that its rare for us to not have them before the age of 20.

 Up until last year I struggled with the same problem. I had very visible marks along the sides of my waist and I was not happy about it! I was always worried about my shirt riding up over my jeans and exposing my dark marks, so I started seeking solutions. I didn't want to try anything to drastic like laser treatments or harsh fading creams, with that in mind I explored different lotions, oils and exfoliates and TADA heres what I came up with!!!

A couple of reminders! Drink lots of water, DO NOT scratch when you feel your skin getting tight and itchy and last but not least stay moisturized. I hope this information helps you and if you have any other TMI type questions you want answers to let me know! Keep me updated with your progress. What products and worked, what didn't or even if you chose different products all together.
Best of luck to all of you<3

P.s Happy December!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lets talk Beauty Social!

Two weeks ago I attended the very 1st annual Beauty Social hosted by I can honestly say I had the absolute best time! It was a two day beauty event held at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica ca. Both days were jam packed with amazing guest speakers, the newest beauty products from the most elite brands out there and great people! so sit back relax and get comfy. Its recap time baby doll!

Day 1 (sat) - I arrived at the hotel around 1pm as I walked in I immediately noticed the incredibly pink and shiny decor, it was a every girls paradise. All of the booths were busy with girls getting pampered with manis by CND, lashes by LASH X , makeup by URBAN DECAY, BENEFIT, TEMPTU, SUGAR PILL and even getting there hair done by WELLA! At this point im thinking "ahhhh Im in flipplin beauty haven!"

Sugar Pill Cosmestics
After trying out all kinds of goodies and making friends with some of the nicest girls ever we took a seat in the lounge area where we found our selves carrying on a convo with Ning cho (the beauty editor of Marie Clair and beauty director for and Marissa Shipman (founder of the balm cosmetics) about the importance of doing what you love for a living! WHAT WORLD WAS I IN!?
Kathy, Marina, Ning And yours truly

Before we know it the clock strikes 5 pm and that means HAPPY HOUR! so we head down to the reception area. The small restaurant was crawling with beauty lovers, bloggers, youtube gurus and celebrity makeup artist. As we enjoyed champagne from the beach front balcony, all I could think was this has got to be the most exciting day ever and just then I met Miss Drea Brown and Miss Nyssa Green and it got that much better. Both women are at the TOP of the brown girl and beauty circuit and have the chops to back it! We discussed the importance of making all women including women of color feel beautiful and went back and forth with beauty business tips as the night ended I made my way to the door I received the most RIDICULOUS swag bag and almost passed out lol! SO much glamorous excitement in one day! As if thats not enough, there was still one more  whole day!!!!

The Girls With the incredible swag bags!

Day 2 (sunday) - Sunday morning I arrive bright and early around 10:30 as I had plans to meet a twitter friend of mine for the first time. Nicole is her name and SWEET is her game she is the best and she also brought her friend Raquel who was also fab so needless to say we were three peas in a pod all day! The line up for the  panel on sunday was unreal! We got advice from celebrity makeup artist BILLY B! Brown girl info from Miss Nyssa Green, Drea Brown and the fabulosity just goes on and on. The day ended with the amazingly sweet and talented Kandee Johnson!! When she spoke there wants a dry eye in the house. Her Positivity was contagious and I believe by the time her set was done every one was in the best mood. The best part of Sunday was that there was this under lying theme of the importance inner beauty.
Me, Miss Nicole and Miss Raquel
Brown Girl Beauty Panel
Kandee and me!!!
With all of that being said cannot wait for the 2nd annual Beauty social, ill be there with bells on!<3

Friday, August 19, 2011

Quote of the day

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

A New Toy!

I know I haven't posted a blog entry in to long but I wanted to show you one of my new toys!!!  My boyfriend and I have become very interested in bike ridding. Last weekend we went to Venice beach and I rented a beach cruiser , we road around for a few hours going from Santa Monica pier through Venice beach! It was soooo much fun. So I decided I wanted a  cruiser of my own. I started looking around on craigslist and TADA Her She is!
Her Name is Lola. ( I have this weird thing when I think somethings cute I name it) She is a vintage 1978 schwinn breeze and I Love her! I plan on fully restoring the body and repainting so ill keep you posted on my progress <3

Monday, June 13, 2011

Quote of The day

Lifes a bowl of cherries and I have the pits to prove it.