Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I know this beautiful girl

I know this Beautiful girl inside and out who is so sweet and kind. She spends all of her time looking after others and trying to please her family, boyfriend, and children. she wakes up every morning trying to make lemonade out of all of the bitter lemons she has been handed but some times her efforts fail. She feels alone,ugly and unloved. Tainted by a past she never asked for and NO one deserves. She struggles with her self worth and confidence and has very few people to turn to for help. None the less she raises her head puts on her make-up and takes care of her home. Pushing her self to be strong. She doesn't know anything different. No one taught her that strength is not suppression. No one showed her that she doesn't deserve the bottom of the pile, nor dose she have to accept the unacceptable. No one took the time to make sure she was okay. You see from the outside she seems to have great days, a normal life but the reality is much darker. She hurts so bad emotionally she can feel it physically. Reliving every bad moment of her past every day with a mirror image of  of the people that hurt her. loving people that are not worthy of her precious sacrificial love. determined to put her blood, sweat and tears into someone who might change, into a life that "could " be better. I know this beautiful girl, I know more then one... all searching for something better. The Perfect life they wanted as a child. The haunting memories of things they cannot change and the courage to still try. To all of you beautiful girls. I love you, I cherish you and I see you for what you are. I do not judge you, blame you or misunderstand you. I love you and your emotional/ physical scars And the person that god made for you will also love you in the same pure and raw way. Just as you are. For who you are, and although he is coming do not wait until god sends him to you to start loving. Love yourself. Tell yourself everyday that there is at least one thing you really love about yourself. Show yourself love by putting an end to all bad relationships and things that harm you and hurt your pride. Express your love to yourself by verbalizing all of the things you deserve to say but have bottled up for so long. To my beautiful girls....  you are worth more then you know. Your heart can heal And you will have all the things you ever wanted. believe in yourself... I do <3

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