Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Broken Car = Broken Hearts

Ok. So yesterday my car decides she wants to blow spark plug while I was on my way to pick up new break pads for her! Rude. So obviously I had to call Triple A to come out and tow her back to our house. Needless to say an unexpected $230.00 gone. After talking to the mechanic I realized  it wouldn't be a quick fix an I would have to call out from work ( Im a nanny to three adorable kids 3,5,and 7) . Cut to today my car is running good, breaks are on and im back in business. After picking up all three kids, we are in route to there house my 3 year old says (in a sad little voice): "why didn't you come to my school yesterday and pick me up?" her brothers co-singing her question (equally as sad) with "yea how come?". At this point I realize that they were genuinely disappointed in me for not following our routine. So I told them what happened and  that it wouldn't happen again and my 3 yr old replies "good because I was worried". I dont know why but it really meant a lot to me.. I guess knowing that they like me and im doing a good job of est. normalcy or some kind of routine where they count on me?  It feels good to be counted/ depended on I guess I had to hang out with a bunch of kids to realize it. <3

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  1. awwwww see it's the little things like that, that can make you smile from ear to ear. It's better than you suck and need to rent and I can do a better job without you ;)